"Judy Hair Technique" merges the old-world skills of hair
styling with new technological advances in hair that allow every
customer to enjoy Judy's wigs in long lasting style and comfort.

Judy has trained with some of the greatest masters of the field. Molding hair into exquisite fashion has guided her her whole life toward the finest expressions of style.

Her unique talent and optimism in all aspects of her life guide her as she creates wigs to suit the most demanding women.

For over 30 years she has viewed every wig and every woman as beauty waiting to blossom.

Her styles and hair types offer every
woman elegance and unmistakable grace. Judy truly believes that every woman has a style all their own.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor, she continues to travel the world to obtain the highest quality wig. Elegant and sophisticated women throughout the United States, Europe, Israel, Canada and Australia adore her.

You may visit Judy in her world famous salon in New York. She will personally tend to you and your styling needs.