The Judy "HAIR TECH" Wig Collection is exceptionally styled and designed wigs that meet every fashion ideal vision and budget.

Wig construction and technologies that allow every one of your customers to endure long lasting comfort and style.

"HAIR TECH" by Judy guarantees
natural hair beauty for every woman.

By combining hair technology with simple styling solutions for today's demanding lifestyles, this unique process in hair manufacturing makes hair fashion comfortable and easy.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor in the United States, Israel, South Africa, Canada and Australia, Judy travels the globe searching for the most luxurious hair. She has developed an expertise for precision cutting and an eye for original design from the classic and commercial to the avant-garde.

Judy Wigs are created to suit the most demanding tastes. Educating yourself is the key to your success. Her experience has taught her that only by keeping apprised of all the new and innovative:

  • Hair Techniques

  • Hair Products

  • Styles

and all the different new types of hair and all the ways to care for them. Is the key to obtain and keep her customers satisfied.

The greatest investment you can make is in yourself, resulting in a higher return on your services. Your value is only equal to your knowledge and skill. You must be able to reinvent yourself and your services to stay current with the tides in our industry.

Video education is the perfect way to do this. In the comfort of your own home or salon, you can follow along with Judy at your own pace. Just start-stop-replay-study.

Judy has release a collection of videotapes for your convenience. To order please call our New York office between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00 @ 718-435-4444. Or email us at

This information can be sent via:
Fax: 718-435-8181

Snail mail:
Judy Wigs
1626 51st Street Brooklyn, NY 11204

To receive our confidential wholesale price list please submit one or more of the following items:
Current Cosmetology License Business License Copy of your salon license. Diploma from a recognized wig styling course.