Parkhurst Hats and Berets


  Since 1926, Parkhurst from Toronto-Canada has been known for its exceptional quality, detailed workmanship and superior yarns. Nobody does what Parkhurst does. Specifically, this line of headwear offers the comfort and breathability of 100% cotton and provides up to 50 times your natural protection from the sun.s rays. These hats and berets are fashionable, durable and washable. They are great for traveling with, since they lay flat and do not wrinkle. Their softness makes them very comfortable to wear for people with sensitive scalp.  

Go-ahead, experience the comfort, durability and easy-care of Parkhurst, SunGuard hats. 

parkhurst-30016-Beret-sm.jpg Parkhurst Beret 10 1/2 inch Diameter

Stylish cotton knit beret, 10.5 inch diameter. Worn by men and women.

Available size: One size fits most. Available colors: Black, Blue Heather, White, Navy, Natural, Brown and Sandstone.

parkhurst-30016-Beret-2-sm.jpg Parkhurst Beret 11 1/2 inch Diameter

Stylish cotton knit beret, 11.5 inch diameter. Worn by men and women.

One size fits most. Available colors: Black, Blue Heather, White, Navy, Natural, Brown and Sandstone.

parkhurst-30014-Pointelle-Beret-sm.jpg Parkhurst Pointelle Beret
A feminine cotton knit beret, featuring the pointelle stitch with a hand crocheted look. Practical to wear all year around. Unique style that looks great on. One size fits most. Available colors are Black, White, Navy, Blue Heather, Blue Sky, Natural, and Sandstone.

     parkhurst-ruffle-brooke-sm.jpg Parkhurst Ruffle Brooke
Need just a hint of dressed-up-for-the-opera tuxedo ruffle for casual yet chic summer events? This is the hat for you! The topper style fits in with the formal dress theme, so always show off in high-class style. Available colors: Black, Natural, Red and White.

parkhurst-cotton-baseball-cap-sm.jpg Parkhurst Baseball Cap
This is the most comfortable ball cap around! The cotton knit body gives and stretches where you need it to and itís lightweight and breathable. The relaxed cap hugs your head just like a beanie with the added bonus of the bill/visor. The soft cotton knit is great for when out in the sun on hot summer days. Available colors: Black, Heather Blue, Nutmeg Brown and Red.

parkhurst-spencer-cloche-sm.jpg Parkhurst Spencer Cloche
This is a hat that appeals to everyone, from individuals who arenít into to flowers to those who are into fashion trends. Pull the hat right above the eyes to create the sweetheart look. The asymmetrical hat band wraps around the crown and ends in v-shaped point, where the tonal rose sits. Available colors: Black, Light Blue, Mystic Mauve, Rose and Wine.

parkhurst-accordion-big-brim-sm.jpg Parkhurst Accordian Small Brim
Parkhurst Accordian Big Brim
This hat definitely stand out amongst the rest of the Parkhurst line because of the design in the crown. The 'ribbed' crown looks like the ribs in an accordian. These parallel lines add texture to the comfortable soft cotton knit hat. Available colors: Black, Natural, Navy, Red, Sandstone and White.

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